15 Types of Questions to use in your Requirements Discovery Sessions

As a facilitator of Requirements Discovery Sessions, one of your primary skills is questioning. Here are the fifteen types of questions you should be using when you are facilitating a requirements discovery session on your projects.






to express a personal understanding of concepts, facts, cause & effect.

“Would you please break that down for me, so I can understand further?”


to ensure there is no misunderstanding.

“Will you share with me your understanding of what we just discussed?”


to attempt to organize facts related to a given subject.

“It would certainly help me organize my thinking if you would please classify those points.”


to reveal knowledge & understanding of similarities & difference in facts.

“Can we compare that statement to the one we reviewed earlier please?”


to understanding the interpretation of the term.

“To help me to understand, can you define that term for us?”


to select & define features which characterize a condition, situation or process.

“Can you describe a typical situation to which this might apply?”


to examine a subject by extending its application

“Let’s explore the implications & ramifications of this.”


to clarify by demonstrating a degree of understanding.

“Can you tell us how you arrived at that conclusion?.”


to provide examples which will clarify the subject.

“Can anyone give me an example or two of how this would work?”


to get more quantity

“ What else?”


to get more quality

“How do you mean?”


to change the subject back to the point of discussion

“Good point, can we put that on the issues list?”


to demonstrate that you have understood.

“In other words….”


Recap or Survey

“Can we please review the points that we have covered so far?”


Supply information to support a statement.

“How can we verify that this is indeed the case?”


These are the types of questions that our consultants use on our requirements definition engagements – and the types of questions we discuss and teach how to use in our training courses. To learn more, visit http://www.iag.biz.

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