2009 Business Analyst Benchmark Report


The 2009 Business Analyst Benchmark Report is now available for download. This year’s report, titled “The Path to Success”, presents detailed findings on the impact of an organization’s maturity level in various areas including process, techniques, staff competency, organization infrastructure and work product, and provides a detailed analysis of the optimal path for improving requirements maturity and project outcomes.


The 2009 BA Benchmark, in analyzing performance of organizations with varying levels of maturity in these critical elements of requirements and business analysis maturity, found:


1. Requirements maturity improvement is highly correlated with improvement in development effectiveness.

2. Requirements maturity cannot be changed through continuous focus on only one underlying capability.

3. High requirements maturity companies can be found amongst the followers of many different development and project management approaches such as Agile, Iterative, Planned, and Prototyping/Visualization centric methods.


To download the full report, click here, or view the summary video or slideshow.



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